Emergency First Aid at Work

This is a blended learning course comprising online and practical learning sessions. To register for this course, select a date for your practical session from this page. You will then receive an email explaining how to access your online learning material, which MUST be completed prior to attending the practical session.


£49.99. 2.5 hours online followed by half day in a classroom. This delivery method is fully approved!

Is this for me?

Yes: If you want to be a work based first aider and you conclude from your risk assessment that you need a one day Emergency First Aid at Work course. Our delivery method produces learners with the most robust evidence record that has been ever available within the first aid industry and provides employers with a robust and traceable record of learner competence.


Join the course developed by the company that modernised first aid training in the UK. This course is EMT Assured - All of our courses are backed by an unconditional money back guarantee


£49.99 (you can add an optional level 2 certificate from Pearson): More than one person to train? Multiple licences available at checkout. If you want an in-house course or, for your corporate needs please contact us on: 02920 003801 or info@emt-uk.net

What does this course teach?

Brought to you by EMT, the company that single handedly changed learning in this sector! This is the UK's first fully QCF mapped blended first aid training course delivered through our blended learning programme where you undertake initial online learning followed by a rapid recap in the classroom and then assessment of your practical skills.

How does it work?

The course comprises 10 modules, each including several videos which are a combination of animation, high definition video and audio. The videos run in sequential order and you will need to complete a test at the end of each module. The overall pass mark for the course is 75% (counted across the modules combined) following which you are then able to book your practical assessment. You have a maximum of two attempts at each test following which the test area for that module closes.



Who should subscribe to this course?

Who should subscribe to this course?

People at work can suffer injury or sudden illness. It is important that employers have made arrangements to ensure their employees receive immediate attention if they are injured or taken ill at work. Together with the practical assessment, this course covers all of the necessary practical skills needed to meet the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) requirements to become a qualified first aider in the workplace. For the classroom element of your training, we have experienced tutors many of whom have dealt with real incidents as front line paramedics so you will receive that added insight.

Course Content

  • 1. Understand the role and responsibilities of an emergency first aider
  • 2. Know how to assess an incident
  • 3. Manage an unresponsive casualty who is breathing normally
  • 4. Manage an unresponsive casualty who is not breathing normally
  • 5. Recognise and assist a casualty who is choking
  • 6. Manage a casualty who is wounded and bleeding
  • 7. Manage a casualty who is in shock
  • 8. Understand how to manage a casualty with a minor injury


In each module you will see a series of videos which you need to view in sequence.

Each module comprises a number of sections shown which you should view in sequence. As you go along you will see an assessment appearing at the end of most of the modules. You can spot these as they are labelled with the term Learning Outcome in the title. As you complete the questions you will see an Assessment Criteria appear at the top of the question text. The cross referencing allows us to produce a bespoke learning log which gives specific and traceable evidence of your knowledge competence in first aid. It is not done to anything like this level anywhere else in first aid and we do it for good to set standards of evidence of competence not yet matched in first aid training. Together with the evidence that our assessors will gather on your practical training and assessment event, you will have the most comprehensive evidence log ever produced in this country for first aid all certificated by the world's leading work based learning organisation, Pearson Edexcel.


Please ensure you have sound activated on the equipment you are undertaking the course on. We find that headphones work really well!

At the end of each module is a test which will help you to assess your knowledge. You can then proceed to the next module. You can exit the course and come back to the point you left off at any point. You do need to complete the short tests once you start them however.

Take your time: some folk find it easier to undertake the course in bite size chunks i.e. doing a few modules at a time then logging in later. The course runs well on a range of platforms including P.Cs, Laptops, Tablets and Smart Phones. We have tried to make this as accessible for you as possible.

Course Duration and Certification

Awarded by the worlds leading work based learning organisation, Pearson, the QCF (Qualifications and Credit Framework) Level 2 certificate lasts for a period of 3 years, after which learners will need to repeat the qualification. 

It is recommended that learners refresh their knowledge annually. An annual refresh of knowledge is strongly recommended by the Health and Safety Executive. Please see our list of online first aid refresher courses that you can use to update your knowledge at any time.