Why take our Appointed Person course for first aid?

Have you considered the Appointed Person for First Aid (purely online) priced at just £24.97?

This is used by a number of leading brands including the Bodyshop UK and may well offer an efficient digital solution for your apprentices. Ask us for more information


Appointed Person

All UK businesses legally must have the minimum of an Appointed Person in the workplace (many require full first aiders). Our pure online course, Appointed Person for First Aid is perfect for giving apprentices and employees, from companies engaged in lower risk activities the required basic knowledge they need. All in less than 2 hours online for £24.97 per learner!

So, you can offer training of assured quality for £24.97 per learner, driving up your standards and reducing costs.

Pearson are working with industry experts, EMT who changed the way UK first aid is taught. 

EMT’s Appointed Person course has been used by thousands of learners and many corporates e.g. the Bodyshop International use in each of their 300 plus UK outlets. So you can be confident this has been well road tested

So, how do you currently provide first aid awareness for your employees/apprentices etc?” 

Please visit:  https://www.emt-uk.net/online-learning/appointed-person-first-aid