Why blended first aid?

Why blended first aid?

All UK businesses legally must have first aiders in the workplace. Our new blended first aid training approach allows learners to qualify as first aiders over 50% quicker than the current method. It produces detailed evidence of learner competence unmatched anywhere in the first aid sector. 

So, blended learning both massively reduces the cost of training and gives a step increase in quality of learning. A compelling combination. A big positive change in UK first aid training.

Pearson are working with industry experts, EMT who changed the way UK first aid is taught. They pioneered elearning in UK first aid and the approach has been approved by the Health and Safety Executive. You can be confident therefore that you are legally reducing costs of first aid training for your business and any potential customers.

So, how do you currently train first aid for your employees/apprentices etc?”

How does it work?

Our first aid materials are available on the Pearson eLearning platform. Basically, you enrol your learners on to the system and allocate the relevant course to them. On completion you invite them to an assessment centre where practical skills are assessed by your assessors and competence proven. We can provide a framework for how you can organise your assessment centres.Once competent, claim the certificate

How do I prove competence?

Simple. The eLearning element produces a comprehensive record of attainment which your tutors should review before the practical session. At the practical session, your tutors simply need to capture evidence of learner competence as normal and place into the learner record. 

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