First Aid Annual Refresher


Nearly 4 hours of materials presented in a series of modules. EMT are the company that modernised first aid training in the UK and this course is based on the materials used in our ground breaking blended first aid training course.

Is this for me?

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) strongly recommend that all first aiders undergo an annual refresh of knowledge and skills in between formal re-qualification. This course comprehensively achieves that.


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What does this course teach?

Based on our blended learning programme, this is course is intended to be used to update and refresh knowledge in between requalifications. The Health and Safety Executive strongly recommend that first aiders undertake an annual refresher to update their knowledge. Formal requalification remains on a 3 year cycle. 

Who should subscribe to this course?

This course serves as an annual refresh of knowledge for qualified first aiders. It is also highly useful for learners who want to gain knowledge and skills in first aid either for their own personal development or as preparation for a classroom based course.

Course Content


In each module you will see a series of videos which you need to view in sequence. To navigate in each module just scroll down the page as you progress. Each module comprises a number of sections shown which you should view in sequence. Please ensure you have sound activated on the equipment you are undertaking the course on. We find that headphones work really well!

At the end of each module is a test which will help you to assess your knowledge. You can then proceed to the next module. You can exit the course and come back to the point you left off at any point. You do need to complete the short tests once you start them however.

Take your time: some folk find it easier to undertake the course in bite size chunks i.e. doing a few modules at a time then logging in later. The course runs well on a range of platforms including P.Cs, Laptops, Tablets and Smart Phones. We have tried to make this as accessible for you as possible.



Course Duration and Certification

An EMT approved certificate is immediately available for download following successful completion of the module tests. The certiifcate is valid for 3 years